DRACUT-CATIMAGES(8)                dracut                DRACUT-CATIMAGES(8)

NAME         top

       dracut-catimages - creates initial ramdisk image by concatenating

SYNOPSIS         top

       dracut-catimages [OPTION...] <initramfs base image> [<image>...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       dracut-catimages creates an initial ramdisk image by concatenating
       several images from the command line and /boot/dracut/*.img

OPTIONS         top

       -f, --force
           overwrite existing initramfs file.

       -i, --imagedir
           Directory with additional images to add (default: /boot/dracut/)

       -o, --overlaydir
           Overlay directory, which contains additional files that will be
           used to create an additional image

           Do not use the overlay directory

           Do not use the additional image directory

       -h, --help
           display help text and exit.

           output debug information of the build process

       -v, --verbose
           verbose output during the build process

FILES         top

           images to work with

AUTHORS         top

       Harald Hoyer

AVAILABILITY         top

       The dracut-catimages command is part of the dracut package and is
       available from 

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