DEVLINK-DEV(8)                      Linux                     DEVLINK-DEV(8)

NAME         top

       devlink-dev - devlink device configuration

SYNOPSIS         top

       devlink [ OPTIONS ] dev  { COMMAND | help }

       OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -n[no-nice-names] }

       devlink dev show [ DEV ]

       devlink dev help

       devlink dev eswitch set DEV [ mode { legacy | switchdev } ] [ inline-
               mode { none | link | network | transport } ] [ encap {
               disable | enable } ]

       devlink dev eswitch show DEV

       devlink dev reload DEV

DESCRIPTION         top

   devlink dev show - display devlink device attributes
       DEV - specifies the devlink device to show.  If this argument is
       omitted all devices are listed.

           Format is:

   devlink dev eswitch show - display devlink device eswitch attributes
   devlink dev eswitch set - sets devlink device eswitch attributes
       mode { legacy | switchdev }
              Set eswitch mode

              legacy - Legacy SRIOV

              switchdev - SRIOV switchdev offloads

       inline-mode { none | link | network | transport }
              Some HWs need the VF driver to put part of the packet headers
              on the TX descriptor so the e-switch can do proper matching
              and steering.

              none - None

              link - L2 mode

              network - L3 mode

              transport - L4 mode

       encap { disable | enable }
              Set eswitch encapsulation support

              disable - Disable encapsulation support

              enable - Enable encapsulation support

   devlink dev reload - perform hot reload of the driver.
       DEV - Specifies the devlink device to reload.

EXAMPLES         top

       devlink dev show
           Shows the state of all devlink devices on the system.

       devlink dev show pci/0000:01:00.0
           Shows the state of specified devlink device.

       devlink dev eswitch show pci/0000:01:00.0
           Shows the eswitch mode of specified devlink device.

       devlink dev eswitch set pci/0000:01:00.0 mode switchdev
           Sets the eswitch mode of specified devlink device to switchdev.

       devlink dev reload pci/0000:01:00.0
           Performs hot reload of specified devlink device.

SEE ALSO         top

       devlink(8), devlink-port(8), devlink-sb(8), devlink-monitor(8),

AUTHOR         top

       Jiri Pirko <>

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