UDEV.CONF(5)                      udev.conf                     UDEV.CONF(5)

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       udev.conf - Configuration for device event managing daemon

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       systemd-udevd(8) expects its main configuration file at
       /etc/udev/udev.conf. It consists of a set of variables allowing the
       user to override default udev values. All empty lines or lines
       beginning with '#' are ignored. The following variables can be set:

           The log level. Valid values are the numerical syslog priorities
           or their textual representations: err, info and debug.

       In addition, systemd-udevd can be configured by command line options
       and the kernel command line (see systemd-udevd(8)).

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       systemd-udevd(8), udev(7), udevadm(8)

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