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       srp_daemon_port@.service - srp_daemon_port@ systemd service that
       controls a single port

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       The srp_daemon_port@.service controls whether or not an srp_daemon
       process is monitoring the RDMA port specified as template argument.
       The format for the RDMA port name is dev:port where dev is the name
       of an RDMA device and port is an port number starting from one.
       Starting an instance of this template will start an srp_daemon
       process. Stopping an instance of this template will stop the
       srp_daemon process for the specified port. It can be prevented that
       srp_daemon is started for a certain port by masking the corresponding
       systemd service, e.g. systemctl mask srp_daemon_port@mlx4_0:1.

       A list of all RDMA device and port number pairs can be obtained e.g.
       as follows:

              $ (cd /sys/class/infiniband >&/dev/null && for p in */ports/*; do
                 [ -e "$p" ] && echo "${p/\/ports\//:}"; done)

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       srp_daemon(1), srp_daemon.service(5), systemctl(1)

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srp_daemon                                       SRP_DAEMON_PORT@.SERVICE(5)

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