removable_context(5)        SELinux configuration       removable_context(5)

NAME         top

       removable_context  - The SELinux removable devices context configura‐
       tion file

DESCRIPTION         top

       This file contains the default label that should be used for
       removable devices that are not defined in the media file (that is
       described in selabel_media(5)).

       selinux_removable_context_path(3) will return the active policy path
       to this file. The default removable context file is:

       Where {SELINUXTYPE} is the entry from the selinux configuration file
       config (see selinux_config(5)).

FILE FORMAT         top

       The file consists of a single line entry as follows:

              user role type range
                     A user, role, type and optional range (for MCS/MLS)
                     separated by colons (:) that will be applied to
                     removable devices.

EXAMPLE         top

       # ./contexts/removable_contexts

SEE ALSO         top

       selinux(8), selinux_removable_context_path(3), selabel_media(5),

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