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       deb-postrm - package post-removal maintainer script

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       A package can perform several post-removal actions via maintainer
       scripts, by including an executable postrm file in its control
       archive (i.e. DEBIAN/postrm during package creation).

       The script can be called in the following ways:

       postrm remove
              After the package was removed.

       postrm purge
              After the package was purged.

       old-postrm upgrade new-version
              After the package was upgraded.

       new-postrm failed-upgrade old-version new-version
              If the above upgrade call fails.

       postrm disappear overwriter-package overwriter-version
              After all of the packages files have been replaced.

       new-postrm abort-install
              If preinst fails during install.

       new-postrm abort-install old-version new-version
              If preinst fails during upgrade of removed package.

       new-postrm abort-upgrade old-version new-version
              If preinst fails during upgrade.

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