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       deb-extra-override - Debian archive extra override file

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       While most information about a binary/source package can be found in
       the control/.dsc file, all of it can be overridden when it's exported
       to Packages/Sources files. The extra override file contains those

       The extra override file has a simple whitespace-delimited format.
       Comments are allowed (denoted with a #).

            package field-name value

       package is the name of the binary/source package.

       field-name is the name of the field that is overridden.  value is the
       value to put in the field. It can contain spaces as the line is split
       in no more than 3 columns when it's parsed.

       The extra override files used to make the official Packages lists may
       be found in the indices directory on any Debian mirror.

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       dpkg-scanpackages(1), dpkg-scansources(1), apt-ftparchive(1).

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