semanage_set_root(3)    Libsemanage API documentation   semanage_set_root(3)

NAME         top

       semanage_set_root, semanage_root - SELinux Management API

SYNOPSIS         top

       Set/get the alternate root directory for SELinux configuration

       #include <semanage/handle.h>

       extern int semanage_set_root(const char *path);

       extern const char *semanage_root(void);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The function semanage_set_root() sets an alternate root directory for
       SELinux configuration paths to be used by the semanage library.

RETURN VALUE         top

       The function semanage_set_root() returns -1 in case of failure.
       Otherwise, 0 is returned.

       The function semanage_root() returns the semanage root. The returned
       value should not be modified by the caller.

SEE ALSO         top

       semanage_handle_create(3), semanage_connect(3),

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