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       sd_bus_message_read_basic - Read a basic type from a message

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <systemd/sd-bus.h>

       int sd_bus_message_read_basic(sd_bus_message *m, char type, void *p);

DESCRIPTION         top

       sd_bus_message_read_basic() reads a basic type from a message and
       advances the read position in the message. The set of basic types and
       their ascii codes passed in type are described in the D-Bus

       If p is not NULL, it should contain a pointer to an appropriate
       object. For example, if type is 'y', the object passed in p should
       have type uint8_t *. If type is 's', the object passed in p should
       have type const char **. Note that, if the basic type is a pointer
       (e.g., const char * in the case of a string), the pointer is only
       borrowed and the contents must be copied if they are to be used after
       the end of the messages lifetime. Similarly, during the lifetime of
       such a pointer, the message must not be modified.

       If there is no object of the specified type at the current position
       in the message, an error is returned.

RETURN VALUE         top

       On success, sd_bus_message_read_basic() returns 0 or a positive
       integer. On failure, it returns a negative errno-style error code.

SEE ALSO         top

       systemd(1), sd-bus(3),

NOTES         top

        1. D-Bus Specification

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