SD_BUS_ADD_MATCH(3)           sd_bus_add_match           SD_BUS_ADD_MATCH(3)

NAME         top

       sd_bus_add_match - Add a match rule for message dispatching

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <systemd/sd-bus.h>

       int sd_bus_add_match(sd_bus *bus, sd_bus_slot **slot,
                            const char *match,
                            sd_bus_message_handler_t callback,
                            void *userdata);

       typedef int (*sd_bus_message_handler_t)(sd_bus_message *m,
                                               void *userdata,
                                               sd_bus_error *ret_error);

DESCRIPTION         top

       sd_bus_add_match() adds a match rule used to dispatch incoming
       messages. The syntax of the rule passed in match is described in the
       D-Bus Specification[1].

       The message m passed to the callback is only borrowed, that is, the
       callback should not call sd_bus_message_unref(3) on it. If the
       callback wants to hold on to the message beyond the lifetime of the
       callback, it needs to call sd_bus_message_ref(3) to create a new

       If an error occurs during the callback invocation, the callback
       should return a negative error number. If it wants other callbacks
       that match the same rule to be called, it should return 0. Otherwise
       it should return a positive integer.

RETURN VALUE         top

       On success, sd_bus_add_match() returns 0 or a positive integer. On
       failure, it returns a negative errno-style error code.

SEE ALSO         top

       systemd(1), sd-bus(3),

NOTES         top

        1. D-Bus Specification

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