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       auparse_interpret_field, auparse_interpret_realpath - get current field's interpreted value

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <auparse.h>

       const char *auparse_interpret_field(auparse_state_t *au);
       const char *auparse_interpret_realpath(auparse_state_t *au);

DESCRIPTION         top

       auparse_interpret_field allows access to the interpreted value in the
       current field of the current record in the current event. The
       returned string is escaped using the chosen method. The returned
       value will be destroyed if you call this function again. If you need
       to interpret another field and keep this value, you will have to copy
       it for later use.

       Examples of things that could be interpreted are: uid, gid, syscall
       numbers, exit codes, file paths, socket addresses, permissions,
       modes, and capabilities. There are likely to be more in the future.
       If a value cannot be interpreted, its original value is returned.

       auparse_interpret_realpath is like auparse_interpret_field except
       that it will call realpath on the results of gluing the cwd and file
       together. This also implies that it only valid to be called for the
       file name given in a PATH record.

RETURN VALUE         top

       Returns NULL if there is an error otherwise a pointer to the
       interpreted value.

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       Steve Grubb

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Red Hat                          August 2017      AUPARSE_INTERPRET_FIELD(3)

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