VALGRIND-LISTENER(1)           Release 3.13.0           VALGRIND-LISTENER(1)

NAME         top

       valgrind-listener - listens on a socket for Valgrind commentary

SYNOPSIS         top

       valgrind-listener [options]

DESCRIPTION         top

       valgrind-listener accepts (multiple) connections from valgrind
       processes that use the --log-socket option on the specified port and
       copies the commentary it is sent to stdout.

OPTIONS         top

       -e --exit-at-zero
           When the number of connected processes falls back to zero, exit.
           Without this, it will run forever, that is, until you send it

           By default, the listener can connect to up to 50 processes.
           Occasionally, that number is too small. Use this option to
           provide a different limit. E.g.  --max-connect=100.

           Changes the port it listens on from the default (1500). The
           specified port must be in the range 1024 to 65535. The same
           restriction applies to port numbers specified by a --log-socket
           to Valgrind itself.

SEE ALSO         top

       valgrind(1), $INSTALL/share/doc/valgrind/html/index.html or

AUTHOR         top

       Julian Seward.

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Release 3.13.0                   09/15/2017             VALGRIND-LISTENER(1)