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NAME         top

       stg-squash - Squash two or more patches into one

SYNOPSIS         top

       stg squash [options] [--] <patches>

DESCRIPTION         top

       Squash two or more patches, creating one big patch that contains all
       their changes. In more detail:

        1. Pop all the given patches, plus any other patches on top of them.

        2. Push the given patches in the order they were given on the
           command line.

        3. Squash the given patches into one big patch.

        4. Allow the user to edit the commit message of the new patch

        5. Push the other patches that were popped in step (1).
       Conflicts can occur whenever we push a patch; that is, in step (2)
       and (5). If there are conflicts, the command will stop so that you
       can resolve them.

OPTIONS         top

       -n NAME, --name NAME
           Name of squashed patch.

       -m MESSAGE, --message MESSAGE
           Use MESSAGE instead of invoking the editor.

       -f FILE, --file FILE
           Use the contents of FILE instead of invoking the editor. (If FILE
           is "-", write to stdout.)

       --save-template FILE
           Instead of running the command, just write the message template
           to FILE, and exit. (If FILE is "-", write to stdout.)

           When driving StGit from another program, it is often useful to
           first call a command with --save-template, then let the user edit
           the message, and then call the same command with --file.

           This option bypasses the commit-msg hook.

STGIT         top

       Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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