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NAME         top

       stg-sink - Send patches deeper down the stack

SYNOPSIS         top

       stg sink [-t <target patch>] [-n] [--] [<patches>]

DESCRIPTION         top

       This is the opposite operation of stg-float(1): move the specified
       patches down the stack. It is for example useful to group stable
       patches near the bottom of the stack, where they are less likely to
       be impacted by the push of another patch, and from where they can be
       more easily committed or pushed.

       If no patch is specified on command-line, the current patch gets
       sunk. By default patches are sunk to the bottom of the stack, but the
       --to option allows one to place them under any applied patch.

       Sinking internally involves popping all patches (or all patches
       including <target patch>), then pushing the patches to sink, and then
       (unless --nopush is also given) pushing back into place the
       formerly-applied patches.

OPTIONS         top

       -n, --nopush
           Do not push back on the stack the formerly-applied patches. Only
           the patches to sink are pushed.

       -t TARGET, --to TARGET
           Specify a target patch to place the patches below, instead of
           sinking them to the bottom of the stack.

       -k, --keep
           Keep the local changes.

STGIT         top

       Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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