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NAME         top

       stg-log - Display the patch changelog

SYNOPSIS         top

       stg log [options] [--] [<patches>]

DESCRIPTION         top

       List the history of the patch stack: the stack log. If one or more
       patch names are given, limit the list to the log entries that touch
       the named patches.

       "stg undo" and "stg redo" let you step back and forth in the patch
       stack. "stg reset" lets you go directly to any state.

OPTIONS         top

       -b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH
           Use BRANCH instead of the default one.

       -d, --diff
           Show the refresh diffs.

       -n NUMBER, --number NUMBER
           Limit the output to NUMBER commits.

       -f, --full
           Show the full commit ids.

       -g, --graphical
           Run gitk instead of printing.

           Clear the log history.

STGIT         top

       Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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