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NAME         top

       stg-export - Export patches to a directory

SYNOPSIS         top

       stg export [options] [--] [<patch1>] [<patch2>] [<patch3>..<patch4>]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Export a range of applied patches to a given directory (defaults to
       patches-<branch>) in a standard unified GNU diff format. A template
       file (defaulting to .git/patchexport.tmpl or
       ~/.stgit/templates/patchexport.tmpl or
       /usr/share/stgit/templates/patchexport.tmpl) can be used for the
       patch format. The following variables are supported in the template

           %(description)s - patch description
           %(shortdescr)s  - the first line of the patch description
           %(longdescr)s   - the rest of the patch description, after the first line
           %(diffstat)s    - the diff statistics
           %(authname)s    - author's name
           %(authemail)s   - author's e-mail
           %(authdate)s    - patch creation date
           %(commname)s    - committer's name
           %(commemail)s   - committer's e-mail

OPTIONS         top

       -d DIR, --dir DIR
           Export patches to DIR instead of the default.

       -p, --patch
           Append .patch to the patch names.

       -e EXTENSION, --extension EXTENSION
           Append .EXTENSION to the patch names.

       -n, --numbered
           Prefix the patch names with order numbers.

       -t FILE, --template FILE
           Use FILE as a template.

       -b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH
           Use BRANCH instead of the default branch.

       -s, --stdout
           Dump the patches to the standard output.

       -O OPTIONS, --diff-opts OPTIONS
           Extra options to pass to "git diff".

STGIT         top

       Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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