PSFXTABLE(1)               General Commands Manual              PSFXTABLE(1)

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       psfxtable - handle Unicode character tables for console fonts

SYNOPSIS         top

       psfxtable [-i infont] [-o outfont] [-it intable] [-ot outtable] [-nt]

DESCRIPTION         top

       psfxtable handles the embedded Unicode character table for .psf
       format console fonts. It reads a font and possibly a table and writes
       a font and/or a table.  psfaddtable(1), psfgettable(1) and
       psfstriptable(1) are links to it.

       Each of the filenames infont, outfont, intable, and outtable may be
       replaced by a single dash (-), in which case standard input or
       standard output is used.  If no -i option is given, the font is read
       from standard input.  If no -it or -o or -ot option is given, no
       input table is read or no output font or output table is written.

       By default the output font (if any) will have a Unicode table when
       either the input font has one, or an explicit table (which overrides
       an input font table) has been provided.  The option -nt causes output
       of a font without table.  When outfont is requested it will get a
       psf1 header when infont has a psf1 header and intable does not have
       sequences and a psf2 header otherwise.

SEE ALSO         top

       setfont(8), psfaddtable(1), psfgettable(1), psfstriptable(1)

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