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NAME         top

       pidof -- find the process ID of a running program.

SYNOPSIS         top

       pidof [-s] [-c] [-x] [-o omitpid[,omitpid..]]  [-o
       omitpid[,omitpid..]..]  program [program..]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Pidof finds the process id's (pids) of the named programs. It prints
       those id's on the standard output.

OPTIONS         top

       -s     Single shot - this instructs the program to only return one

       -c     Only return process ids that are running with the same root
              directory.  This option is ignored for non-root users, as they
              will be unable to check the current root directory of
              processes they do not own.

       -x     Scripts too - this causes the program to also return process
              id's of shells running the named scripts.

       -o omitpid
              Tells pidof to omit processes with that process id. The
              special pid %PPID can be used to name the parent process of
              the pidof program, in other words the calling shell or shell

EXIT STATUS         top

       0      At least one program was found with the requested name.

       1      No program was found with the requested name.

SEE ALSO         top

       pgrep(1), pkill(1)

AUTHOR         top

       Jaromir Capik <>

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                                 24 Jul 2013                        PIDOF(1)

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