OPROF_START(1)             General Commands Manual            OPROF_START(1)

NAME         top

       oprof_start - A GUI interface for OProfile

SYNOPSIS         top

       oprof_start [ options ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The oprof_start application provides a GUI interface to control the
       operation of OProfile.  Running oprof_start requires root privileges
       and does not support operf due to oprof_start using the older
       opcontrol script.

ENVIRONMENT         top

       No special environment variables are recognised by oprof_start.

FILES         top

              Configuration file for opcontrol

              The location of the generated sample files.

VERSION         top

       This man page is current for oprofile-1.0.0git.

SEE ALSO         top

       /usr/local/share/doc/oprofile/, oprofile(1)

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