FGCONSOLE(1)                 Linux User's Manual                FGCONSOLE(1)

NAME         top

       fgconsole - print the number of the active VT.

SYNOPSIS         top

       fgconsole [ -h --help | -V --version | -n --next-available ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       If the active Virtual Terminal is /dev/ttyN, then prints N on
       standard output.

       If the console is a serial console, then "serial" is printed instead.

       -h --help
              Prints short usage message and exits.

       -V --version
              Prints version number and exits.

              Will show the next unallocated virtual terminal. Normally 6
              virtual terminals are allocated, with number 7 used for X;
              this will return "8" in this case.

NOTES         top

       Under devfs, the consoles are in /dev/vc/N.  devfsd may maintain
       symlinks for compatibility.

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