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       dpkg-distaddfile - add entries to debian/files

SYNOPSIS         top

       dpkg-distaddfile [option...] filename section priority

DESCRIPTION         top

       dpkg-distaddfile adds an entry for a named file to debian/files.

       It takes three non-option arguments, the filename and the section and
       priority for the .changes file.

       The filename should be specified relative to the directory where
       dpkg-genchanges will expect to find the files, usually .., rather
       than being a pathname relative to the current directory when
       dpkg-distaddfile is run.

OPTIONS         top

              Read or write the list of files to be uploaded here, rather
              than using debian/files.

       -?, --help
              Show the usage message and exit.

              Show the version and exit.

FILES         top

              The list of generated files which are part of the upload being
              prepared.  dpkg-distaddfile can be used to add additional

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