DH_TESTROOT(1)                    Debhelper                   DH_TESTROOT(1)

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       dh_testroot - ensure that a package is built with necessary level of
       root permissions

SYNOPSIS         top

       dh_testroot [debhelper options]

DESCRIPTION         top

       dh_testroot is used to determine if the package has access to at
       least the level of root access that it declared it needed via the
       Rules-Requires-Root (R³) field.

       The following is how dh_testroot behaves based on the effective value
       of the R³ field:

           dh_testroot asserts that it is run as root or under fakeroot(1).

           dh_testroot returns successfully.

       Any other value than the above
           dh_testroot asserts that it is either run as root (or under
           fakeroot(1)) or the builder has provided the DEB_GAIN_ROOT_CMD
           environment variable (e.g. via dpkg-buildpackage -r).

       For backwards compatibility, dh_testroot will consider the absence of
       the R³ field as if the R³ field was set to "binary-targets".

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       This program is a part of debhelper.

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       Joey Hess <>

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