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       dh_installchangelogs - install changelogs into package build

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       dh_installchangelogs [debhelper options] [-k] [-Xitem] [upstream]

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       dh_installchangelogs is a debhelper program that is responsible for
       installing changelogs into package build directories.

       An upstream changelog file may be specified as an option. If none is
       specified, dh_installchangelogs may look for files with names that
       seem likely to be changelogs as described in the next paragraphs
       (assuming the package is using compatibility level 7 or above).

       In non-native packages, dh_installchangelogs will first look for
       changelog files installed by the upstream build system into
       usr/share/doc/package (of the package build directory) and rename the
       most likely candidate (if any) to usr/share/doc/package/changelog.
       Note that dh_installchangelogs does not look into any source
       directory (such as debian/tmp). Otherwise, dh_installchangelogs (at
       compatibility level 7 or any later) will look for changelog files in
       the source directory (e.g. the root or the docs subdirectory).

       If there is an upstream changelog file, it will be installed as
       usr/share/doc/package/changelog in the package build directory.

       If the specified upstream changelog is an html file (determined by
       file extension), it will be installed as
       usr/share/doc/package/changelog.html instead. If the html changelog
       is converted to plain text, that variant can be specified as a second
       upstream changelog file. When no plain text variant is specified, a
       short usr/share/doc/package/changelog is generated, pointing readers
       at the html changelog file.

FILES         top

           Automatically installed into usr/share/doc/package/ in the
           package build directory.

           Use the package specific name if package needs a different NEWS
           or changelog file.

           The changelog file is installed with a name of changelog for
           native packages, and changelog.Debian for non-native packages.
           The NEWS file is always installed with a name of NEWS.Debian.

OPTIONS         top

       -k, --keep
           Keep the original name of the upstream changelog. This will be
           accomplished by installing the upstream changelog as changelog,
           and making a symlink from that to the original name of the
           changelog file. This can be useful if the upstream changelog has
           an unusual name, or if other documentation in the package refers
           to the changelog file.

       -Xitem, --exclude=item
           Exclude upstream changelog files that contain item anywhere in
           their filename from being installed.

           Note that directory name of the changelog is also part of the

           Install this file as the upstream changelog.

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       This program is a part of debhelper.

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       Joey Hess <>

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11.5                             2018-10-28          DH_INSTALLCHANGELOGS(1)