DH_INSTALLCATALOGS(1)             Debhelper            DH_INSTALLCATALOGS(1)

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       dh_installcatalogs - install and register SGML Catalogs

SYNOPSIS         top

       dh_installcatalogs [debhelper options] [-n]

DESCRIPTION         top

       dh_installcatalogs is a debhelper program that installs and registers
       SGML catalogs. It complies with the Debian XML/SGML policy.

       Catalogs will be registered in a supercatalog, in

       This command automatically adds maintainer script snippets for
       registering and unregistering the catalogs and supercatalogs (unless
       -n is used). These snippets are inserted into the maintainer scripts
       and the triggers file by dh_installdeb; see dh_installdeb(1) for an
       explanation of Debhelper maintainer script snippets.

       A dependency on sgml-base will be added to ${misc:Depends}, so be
       sure your package uses that variable in debian/control.

FILES         top

           Lists the catalogs to be installed per package. Each line in that
           file should be of the form "source dest", where source indicates
           where the catalog resides in the source tree, and dest indicates
           the destination location for the catalog under the package build
           area. dest should start with /usr/share/sgml/.

OPTIONS         top

       -n, --no-scripts
           Do not modify postinst/postrm/prerm scripts nor add an activation

NOTES         top

       Note that this command is not idempotent. dh_prep(1) should be called
       between invocations of this command. Otherwise, it may cause multiple
       instances of the same text to be added to maintainer scripts.

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       Adam Di Carlo <>

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