Linux/UNIX System Programming course outline

"Standard" Topics

(See below for a list of alternative topics)

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  1. Fundamental concepts
  2. File I/O
  3. File I/O buffering
  4. File attributes
  5. Directories and links
  6. Processes
  7. Process Credentials
  8. Signals
  9. Process creation and termination
  10. Executing programs
  11. Privileged programs
  12. Threads
  13. Interprocess communication overview
  14. Pipes and FIFOs
  15. Introduction to sockets
  16. UNIX Domain sockets
  17. Internet domain sockets
  18. Alternative I/O models
  19. Introduction to POSIX IPC
  20. POSIX semaphores
  21. POSIX shared memory
  22. POSIX message queues (*)
  23. Daemons (*)
  24. System call tracing with strace (*)
  25. Time (*)
  26. Timers and sleeping (*)

(*) Topics marked with an asterisk will be covered subject to time constraints.

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Alternative topics

For tailored onsite courses, various alternative topics can, by previous arrangement, be substituted into the list above. Alternative topics include:

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